GTX680 or GTX770 Dilemma

Hello guys!
So I'm almost certainly getting my "dream" first computer build, but I came across this... decission I have to make. And your advice could really come in handy

I will mostly be editing videos and doing some design related work for college, but I would also be casually playing games and for once I'd like to be able to enjoy a game without worrying about lowering settings.

I was planning to get the 670 at first as it was selling for around 400usd but then the 700 series came along and the 670 got a price drop, as did the others on the same line. So as the 770 replaced the 670 I was really tempted to get the 770 instead.

Here's the deal tho. I will be building the computer in Taiwan, and, as expected the 600 series prices went down there as well, one that caught me eye was Asus' DirectCU II OC GTX680 which is selling for roughly 400usd now but I had read that the 770 is up there right next to the 680 and it even beats it in more than just a few instances, problem is, it sells for 500usd in Taiwan.

I would really appreciate your advice on whether I should go for the 680, which already surpasses my expectations be a mile and a half, or if I should save for the 770 as it might (or not) have improvements over the course of time.

At the moment I only have a single 1080p monitor setup but I might expand it in the future.

It would be awesome if it could hold up for several years to come as I can't see myself upgrading it often.

Thanks again!

I understand the dilemma. Truth is, the 700 series eliminated many of the problems found in the 600 series. I would expect driver updates to improve the 700 series further. That's the dilemma you face, because there is no guarantee the 700 series will improve much further.

If you're looking to do a surround setup, I would advise going with the faster memory found on the 700 series. However, if you want to stick to using a single 1080p monitor, get whatever is cheapest.

Get a 770 - i managed to drag 8292mHz out of my ram speed on mine - evga SC ACX

So that 680 is currently 400usd and the 770 is 500usd? If that is correct then it just comes down to how much that extra performance matters to you. I have that exact 680. It does what I need it to do, which is 60fps on a single 1080p monitor. Either way you'd be set for a while.

That's just it!
The 680 is already an excellent card for me as I don't really plan on using more than perhaps, 2 monitors; one as a main and the other one for tasks like media consumption or social networking. But it won't be getting many more driver updates unlike the 770 plus the many problems it already solved.

Just how much more futureproof could the 770 prove to be against the 680?

Thanks in advance

Yes, the 680 is selling for around 11990ntd which roughly translates to about 400usd and the 770 sells for around 14990ntd going up to about 500usd.

I understand that a single 680 could easily handle triple A titles on a 1080p screen, correct?
But I would also appreciate to know a little more about their performance in adobe.
 Thanks for the feedback! 

What are the prices of the AMD equivalents? Adobe supports AMD now, so you'll benefit from the extra productivity of those cards. I highly recommend the 7950, no memory issues, 3GB of Vram, and when it is overclocked it compares to an overclocked 770.