Gtx670 SLI

So, I was thinking of upgrading my pc and I have a Gtx 670 FTW for my gpu. So my question was, can I buy a normal gtx 670 to go in SLI with my gtx 670 ftw?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure you can. I think for SLI, what matters is that they are the same GPU. I mean they have to both be a 670 or both be a 680 or both be a 560ti etc. Mixing brands and clockspeeds and memory is fine too. 

I wouldnt recommend it, First off the FTW have a different PCB thats better for OCing. So if you add a different card it looks really weird (one is short one is long), plus the FTW will overclock better then the other one possible which means the second one might limit your current card or vice versa.

I have a gtx 670 FTW that I want to sell, message me when you can about the details.