GTX660ti SLI

Im interested if i Put another card in SLI will that help me with performance in games that are realesed in a few years in the future like 5-7 years in the future or maybe even more?

The way the industry is moving right now, I recommend you stick with what you have now, and save up for a more powerful card. I think future games will be demanding enough to warrant higher vram. The 660ti (which all, pretty much come with 2gb of vram) SLI won't do you that good in say 3-4 years. You'll have to start turning most things down to get playable frame rates. Unless the developers do an insanely good job at supporting the previous generation hardware.

The standards for gaming are changing and people seem to be focusing on higher resolution gaming, and mutlimonitor gaming. The 660 ti won't be able to keep up with that in a few years. 

Keep what you have, and get something better in a year or two. I'm also interested in knowing what kind of conditions you'll be playing with. What kind of setup, monitor, and what kind of performance you'd like. 

If your psu & mobo can support it 660ti's are a very lethal combo. Enough to beat a GTX680 by 20%, with only the drawbacks of power consumption, heat, and possible?,... noise.

The 660ti itself is a very solid card and sould last 3-4 years if you're not picky on the settings.

If you've made a good buy on the brand and they don't die over time, those in SLI should handle games in 2017 on low settings (provide the games don't get insanely demanding), and by that time it's be time to upgrade again.

I give 660ti's a 3year kick-ass period, 4-5year future and anything past that is too uncertain


Every few (I do 2) months clean out your case and computer components of dust. This will make it run cooler and all round reduce the risk of them dying.

Also- because of electro-migration and other science stuff, don't overclock the chips that much, it may reduce the life and performance of the chip. Don't get me wrong you can still OC, just don't go crazy

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Adding another 660ti would be a great option, but I don't think it will last  you that long because a GPU will die after some time. And also the performances in those GPUs exceed a GTX 680, but keep in mind if you only have 1 gtx 680 then you can add another one in the future where as the 660tis when it's time to upgrade you just have to throw those away.

I dont plan on gaming over 1080p on a single monitor (this is perfect for me,and AA isnt that important to me) as long as i can play the games on high-medium settings. I plan on sticking with an [email protected], 16gb ddr3 1600 and the card is a Gigabyte GTX660ti 3gb OC. And in a few months to put another one in. 

The board supports SLI and i already got a new PSU to prepare for the second card. I dont mind the power draw and the noise. (the card has exelent cooling55C max under full load) I clean my case and the components every 6 months its an open case) i would only oc the memory a little bit on the card. And i wouldnt go past 4.53 on my cpu i think i got a desent cooler. 2017 sounds crazy.... If they can do low by that time that would be awesome.........

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