GTX640 Cabaple of pushing two 1080p monitors?

I'm building a pc for someone, they need 2 monitors (investor). They won't be gaming just looking at stock market, but they want two monitors. I was wondering if a GTX640 is capable of pushing two monitors at 1080p? And if not what would I need to push those monitors? If a GTX640 is overkill then could I use the integrated GPU on this CPU?




If its just spreadsheeting and general office needs than even a gtx610 (or anything that has 2xdvi outputs) will do just fine. eg: or

HD 4600 is very capable as far as integrated graphics go. If you have 4600, then you should be fine.,3521-7.html

FWIW, I had a Radeon HD 4850 pushing a pair of Full HD monitors.

I had a GT 640 and it does dual-monitor. It now serves as a paperweight. (GTX 760 :D)