GTX560 Ti DC or HD7770 or HD6850

Which of these three should I take? I'm a gamer, just to let you know.

These are the models:

Asus ENGTX560 Ti DC 1GB DDR5 256bit

MSI R6850 Cyclone OC 1GB DDR5 256bit


Got my boss an XFX R7770 DD awhile ago. It's a pretty solid card. I usually go by my own rule of always getting the newest generation cards when I can. The 7770 will be much more power efficient and generally have better tolerance to becoming obsolete.

Thanks for the reply. 

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I agree with ThePlanBPill, choose the 7770. But, if you can stretch then go for the 560ti still a very solid card and outperforms the 7770.


Look at various benchmarks scores, and game fps charts, see how they compare in performance to price ratio, then go with the best price to performance card, if performance is the one and only thing you are looking for. If you care about noise and heat levels, compare those!

If power consumption is even mildly important to you, go with the 7770 as it's the most efficent one.

The 560ti is a very solid card to my experience, still performs good on modern games and overclocks pretty well.

I think you can also "hack" the 6850 to 6870 by some bios update or something, so keep that in mind.

And in the end the choise is up to you, but personally out of those three i'd go for the 560ti.

Acording to this, the 6850 consumes less power but is less powerful also. Also it seems to beat the 6870.


So imo, 560ti is the way to go :)

If the games you play make use of PhisX then go nVidia also if you have programs that can make use of cuda. Peronaly I tend to stick with AMD and as has been said before the 7770 is a nice card with low power draw. That's not to say you wouldn't be more than happy with the nVidia 560 Ti I know people that swear by them...

I disagree w/ other users choosing the 7770. If you look at gaming benchmarks, the 6850 always beats the 7770, AND can be had for less $. I'm grabbing one in my next budget PC. Anandtech and TomsHardware both have some benchmarks.

I dont know about the prices i your place, but in where i live, the HD 7850 is almost the price as GTX 560ti so i would go for the 7850 as it outperforms the GTX 560ti.

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6850 is less power efficient than 7770

spend a little more money and get a 660 ti, you can thank me later.


Avoid Fermi at all costs, I made the mistake of brand loyalty and picked up a 560, one of my worst decisions, luckily Nvidia is back on track with kepler, seroisly thoughthe 7770 is the best option I think that you listed.

If energy efficiency is of no importance get the HD 6850. 2Gb version if you can. If it is an issue then get the HD 7770 and of course the 2 Gb version. For newer titles you´ll need a little more than 1 Gb V-RAM if you´re playing at 1080p.

guise 650TI out guise


but I would get a 7850 if you can afford it or a 7870

This GTX 650 TI is just wow. Oh well, I am already served. When was it released? I wonder why I haven´t noticed it´s performance while comparing benchmarks of several cards before finally purchasing my HD 7770. -_-

Is is possible to overclock the 7770 to match with 560ti or 6950?

I might take the 7770 if it's possible, I'll delete the 560ti.  

From what I know, yes it is. For example, my XFX HD 7770 comes with software called Power Tune for real time optimization of Clock Speed and Voltage. You can also buy factory overclocked versions of the HD 7770. For example Gigabyte is offering two overclocked versions/revisions of the HD 7770. Even the HD 7750s can be overclocked like that. All depends on your cooling solution and case temperatures of course.


like just this week

So. Final Pick. 


"EVGA GTX560 non-Ti


Which of these two? :)

I'd say go with giga's rec and go with the 650, save yourself $20/$60 and get better to same performance.