GTX1080 Bottleneck question

I have an X79 rig:
i7 3930K
Asus Rampage IV Formula X79
GTX 780Ti

I wanna upgrade my GTX780Ti with a GTX1080, but the 3930K only supports PCIe2.0
I was wondering if the PCIe2.0 is going to bottleneck a single GTX1080.

Any ideas? Thanks.

I would post a bookmarked link to a Puget Systems experiment showing that no PCIe2.0 will not bottleneck any GPU... but that bookmark is on my other computer... I will edit this If i find it for you

Edit: Found it:

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Thank you, I've read the article you mentioned, but GTX1080 is not on there so I was wondering about it per se, given how it is new tech and stuff.

With the newer generation there may be a very slight bottleneck, but it certainly shouldn't be something to stress over. The CPU itself will hold the card back more than anything anyway, though you'll still get great performance with that setup since that CPU is still quite relevant.

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Pci-e 2.0 will not be a bottleneck for that card.

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Thanks everyone. I consider this solved.