GTX Titan vs GTX 690

so i was watching a video where a guy just got his 4 titans. A question came to me, why titans? he already had 690's - Graphics - Nvidia GTX 690 (x2 Graphics SLI)(thats 4 690's correct?), i also checked here that the titan loses to the 690 so why did he buy them? Can any1 tell me why the titan?

I guess the Titan would make a good producitivty card. It's got more Vram for multiple displays, which would make it a little more suitable than the 690, for that purpose.

However, this should be Titan vs the 780, if you're looking for a gaming GPU. It's almost half as expensive, for almost all the gaming performance of the Titan.

Indeed, why the Titan?

The main reason one buys a titan is its smaller, uses less power and produces less heat. I couldn't care less about most of those other than power consumption. When its a 50 watt difference and its got a second card in it. The choice is very obvious.

But to this guy that you are talking about he is probably one of those people that have to have the newest things when they come out.  

It really comes down to the drivers of the games, recent games like Crysis 3, Metro Last light, and bioshock infinite are newer and since the GTX Titan was released recently it would perform better BUT some games due to drivers are unable to use the FULL potential of the GPU. The GTx titan is a single gpu card , but the gtx 690 is a dual gpu card (2x 680). It really comes down to the drivers and what you will be playing . For example due to the popularity of bf3 any gpu from like the 480 to 700 series can play BF3 . Overall, I would wait on buying or upgrading a gpu because the next consoles are around the corner that will bring better graphical games for all (except last gen). When NVIDIA and Radeon (AMD) realize that due to the graphical demand of newer games as a result of the PS4 and Xbox One ,THEN you'll see better value for the buck. But if your desperate for games of 2012 early 2013 pre gtx titan buy the gtx 690 but the drivers are improving for the gtx titan so newer games will see the additional performance available from the GPU. SO, if you wish to play newer games I would purchase the gtx titan .


P.S . THE TEMPS DON'T LOOK GOOD so I would watercool it or buy a bundle with an after market heat sink . Like gigabyte has their windforce cooler bundled with the gtx titan . ALSO THE GTX 780 is the same architecture!