GTX Titan Black or 780 Ti SLI

Hey guys I just got a EVGA Superclocked GTX Titan Black looking at the sale prices on ebay I am debating selling it and going for two GTX 780 Ti in SLI or 3 GTX 780 for that matter.

Here are my specs on other components:

Motherboard: Asus Rampage IV Black Edition

CPU: Intel i7-4930k

PSU: Corsair AX1200i


Game full settings at 5760 x 1080

Do 3d work\photo editing

Other desktop tasks 

For the gaming the 780 Ti SLI would be your best bet. The other stuff might benefit from the GPGPU that the titan black has which the 780 Ti's noticeably lack.

If you want to max everything at that resolution, the two 780 Ti's will be a must. But it depends on whether the compute capabilities of the Titan Black benefit your modeling/editing and which is more important to you.