GTX 980 STRIX... We have a problem

So i just purchased the GTX 980 strix and man it was handling everything great until i heard a strange noise.... then it changed from a faint noise to the sound of a dial up modem. I'm sure you can see where im going with this the cards a noisey thing on the electrical side. I personally have never had this happen before so anyone no if i should just swap it for a new one or if i should  try something.

Under different loads it makes a different noise

      - Guild wars 2 is a screeeech

      - Trine 2 max is dial up modem

      - Fur mark is like electric crickets

time for RMA

Yeah... thought so. never had a card make this much noise or any really.

its coil wine most likely, not much to do about it.

just RMA it.

sounds good


Well grabbed a second one and ... Not much better.

Back when my 7950 was still alive, it had a terrible coil whine. It's just a sad common occurrence with high end cards.

I have had many cards and have never ran into this before... I really dont know what to say I'm disappointed to say the least 2 cards and they both suck. I was hoping for some better quality control from Asus this will be my last purchase from them.

Well guys.... The card completely crapped out only 3 days of use.

See if your PSU isn't killing it and the other one. A bad PSU would inflict some damage to components. That video card (if only Rudster is still here) reminds me of Songbird; nice design and reviews on Newegg is so far mostly positive.

Hey Destroyed007 thanks for the reply and happy thanksgiving. I've got an hd 7990 running on the same PSU and I've had that on it for about 1 and a half years. Its a thermaltake toughpower grand 1200w PSU. and an ASUS maximus formula 5 board... but yeah 2 cards is crazy right?

Might rent a power supply tester tomorrow but im sure a power color 7990 wouldn't be able to handle anything an asus wouldn't :\