GTX 980 SLI build?

For Logan/Wendell

I'm in the east coast if you want to do some testing on an SLI GTX 980. ( saw ya'll in pax east brah)


Once upon a time.. there was this man.. he had a computer.. with a radeon 7970.. that's screen kept acting up, after hitting it a bit with a hammer.. decided the GPU had to go ! ( 2 year old gpu ) without any further testing.. he decided.. to get a GTX 980... Then he had another crazy thought... Why not TWO GTX 980's... Then he had ANOTHER CRAZY THOUGHT... WHY NOT GET ANOTHER CROSSOVER 27Q MONITOR? .... 1600$ later.. he cleaned his old pc that had the radeon 7970, updated the drivers and figured out it works perfectly...


Since i've got two gtx 980's and another crossover monitor enroute atm... why not have the most absurd idea ever, and create a whole new build just to play World of warcraft on two screens( i know sounds epic) 


I'm thinking of cramming two MSI gtx980's in a Mimi-ATX build.. anybody know if/ how could this work?




2x 980's in a mATX case, of course it can be done. Just find a board that has nice pcie lane spacing and a case with decent airflow.

example MB> asus Z97 gryphon

example cases> Bitfenix Pandora , Corsair 350D, Corsair 240 Air

You have heaps of options.

You will NEED the vase with the best air flow and the highest tier of Matx motherboard from who eevr you buy it from.

Do you enjoy the prospect of staring at bezels all the time?  You don't game on two monitors.  One or three (or five with AMD Eyefinity).  Never two.

Your only real solution.  ANOTHER CROSSOVER 27Q.

Thank you Aezen! i just found out about the bitfenix pandora, it looks amazing, i'll probably get the Asus motherboard also. I'm going to hold out a bit longer before i splurge on my GTX980's waiting for the 8 gb ones that are rumored to come out this month, but really? i need 3 monitors!? what the hell am i going to do with 3??

( i just short-circuited one of my crossovers, getting an overlord pcb to replace the old pcb and pump out 120hz )