GTX 970 with AMD FX 6300

How big of a mistake have I made? Is it possible to un-bottleneck this machine? I have a CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo, for cooling. Will this be able to be overclocked out of the bottleneck? Or not? Thank you for the help!

(Also sorry if this is in the wrong thread, first time posting, and this seemed to fit best.)




AMD FX 6300

212 evo
Radeon R9 270x (Soon to be 970)

MSI 970A-G46

1TB hard drive

8 GB of ram

500W PSU

overclocking the cpu will allways help abit.

But still you wont vannish the bottleneck on 1080p unfortunatly. Its just the lack on single threaded performance of the FX chips, which causing it.

Do you have any clue what type of frames ill get on this setup? and how far I can overclock with that? Or are you saying that overclocking wont really help?

Look, you'll only see a major bottleneck in a few games. Mainly ones that rely on single threaded CPU performance. Even then though, your games will be very playable. Your minimum frame rate will be lower and it may be a little more inconsistent, lowering your average, but the games will be playable even on very high settings. The 970 is powerful enough to overcome most bottlenecks.

It depends on the game. In titles like say Bioshock that don't rely much on the CPU or well optimized titles you will see frame rates consistent with those others are getting on Intel systems or in benchmarking. In heavily CPU dependent titles that are not well optimized, say Arma/Dayz, you will see average frame rates about 10-20 FPS lower than say a 4690k.

With that cooler you should hit 4.4 to 4.5Ghz depending on how well you have done in the silicon lottery. OCing helps a lot in CPU dependent titles. I've noticed that on my 8350 once I hit 5Ghz it is the same as a 4690k with almost no difference in frame rates,


There are allot more games that will suffer from low frame dips.

allmost 80% of the games. But still a GTX970 will perform better, then any midrange gpu, so basicly you still gain performance. But you will only not max out that card in 80% of the games on 1080p. Or atleast you will suffer some frame dips.

I would just say, look how it performs in the games you play, going with the GTX970 was not a mistake. You will definitely gain performance. And if you not happe with the performance, you can allways save money and upgrade to intel later on/

It will still work very well as its the same generation of parts honestly the 6300 was ahead of its time.

Overclock and you shouldnt be bottlenecked, doubt you would be anyways. my bud uses a 6300 with a 290 and hes not bottlenecking at all