Gtx 970 sli

so I currently have a gtx 970 msi already, im looking to buy a second one and put them in sli to get higher framerates in games such as witcher 3 and gta v running on ultra settings with a couple of light mod packs. will be getting a monitor (asus vg248qe) 1080p 144hz monitor. do you think this is a good idea?

I would probably sell it, and get a 980, just me though

No, modded Witcher 3 wont like 3.5

I agree with @Cerimania

Used 970's still sell for well over $270. Return the recently bought one, sell the older one, then buy a gtx 980 or 980ti.

Edit: Nvm i read it wrong. Seems you haven't bought the second one yet.

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Sell it and get a fury or a 980 if you want to overclock the 980

Although going with the fury is going to save you money on an adaptive sync display in the future, like for the price of that display you can get a Free-sync capable 144hz 1080p display

And even if you go with an nvidia card you may yet be able to use free-sync someday, either through nvidia caring to move the mobile support to desktop, or through a driver hack