GTX 970 or GTX 780

Hello fellow Loginites!


Have a classic question and am looking for a well thought out answer for both options. I have an Idea of what I am going with based on my own research, but would like to hear some other input. SLI 750's perhaps?
After watching the latest The Tek, I saw Logan and Paul talking about the GTX 970 and what it is capable of. I am currently looking to get a new GPU as mine is a backup for the one that died. I am looking to spend $350

As either one will be a massive upgrade to my system, I am looking for a "good" match as well. I have always been a fan of MSI and would like to stay with that as my board is MSI. If this is not a good idea, or if this would be a possible shortcoming of my system, please let me know why.

Current system

MSI 990FXA-GD80V2  --

AMD FX 6300 x6 3.5 GHz ( OC'ed to 4.1 ) --

Cooler master Hyper N520 Cooler  --

8GB of PC3-10666 Mushkin --

EVGA GTX 460 (replacing)

Rosewill extream 950W --

Thermaltake Overseer --

x4 200MM Cooler master fans ( Blue ) --

HDD Western dig 1 TB ( leftovers go towards SSD )

Thanks for any input!



stay away from SLI, Get a single cars over sli. 1 question, Do you do any proferssional work, 3D rendering, Premier pro and so on? If so then 780, if just for gaming 970

Mostly gaming. I plan to edit my recording of game play however for streaming and or a Tube channel. Nothing 3D though.

Light editing? Go with the 970 then

GTX 970.

I don't think you can SLI GTX 750s.

You can't. It was my poor attempt at sarcasm of ignorance. Failed


Just wanted to update you guys that give input.

I went with the EVGA GTX 970 FTW

I am getting 90 FPS in Advanced Warfare. The game's current max. Also just about everything else I play or do the system laughs at. Thanks for the input.