GTX 970 Itx ASUS or Gigabyte

I'm about to upgrade the GPU in my lian li tu100 case to a gtx 970. Since the case i so small i definitely need the one with the best cooling capabilites, so should i choose Gigabyte's or Asus'es gtx 970 mITX card?

 thx for the answere in advance! :) 

the difference is minimal, go with the one that looks nicer to you, warranty, terms, temps and if overclocking voids your warranty.

The Asus is smaller and its got a better cooler in my opinion. I bought the Asus one, just received it in the mail but haven't had a chance to install it as I'm in the middle of moving right now. I have the TU-100B case like Logan's Colugo build, and the Direct CU mini is a better fit in there.