GTX 970 Doesn't Seem to want to output to Display Port?

I've been running dual monitors on my 970. My main display is an ASUS 29" Ultrawide, and my secondary display is an older Insignia LCD TV. I've been running the TV off of HDMI and the ASUS off of DP. Today when I got home and booted up my computer only the secondary display showed up. After messing around with it for a while I still can't get any of the display ports on the 970 to work, but if I move the HDMI to the ASUS monitor it works fine.

Has anyone else had this problem? I'm trying to google some solutions and i can find people with similar problems but no solutions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My bet would be a driver issue. Try reinstalling the drivers. Also try using a different DisplayPort cable. I had a monitor do the same thing as yours but it was the cable that had gone bad.

What the best way to do that? Going through device manager?

After a clean driver install nothing has changed. HDMI works DP doesn't. When I go into the nvidia control panel to set up multiple displays, if I check my display port monitor it unchecks itself immediately. I don't have any idea whats going on I guess I'll have to contact nvidia directly and see if they can help.

Maybe it's the DP input on the monitor that doesn't work.
I really doubt it's a software issue, if card output works in bios/uefi and not in OS then it's a software issue.

Well, after spending some time with nvidia support, and trying several different combinations of clean driver installs, motherboard driver updates, and reboots I've no luck. I have no clue whats going on. When I open the nvidia control panel, and try to check the box next to the second display to activate it. the button unchecks itself. So... I'm stumped. And frustrated. Because all of this was working yesterday, and I have no idea what changed.

I just forgot to send my reply. Well if it aint software it is one of the Displayport ports. Did you try with another Displayport cable?

I've had this issue the display port on mine failed. I had to do an RMA to fix it. Who made your card? Mine was EVGA.

It's a reference card from nvidia. And yeah I've tried all three display ports. How long did it take to get your card back? This is the only graphics card I've got right now. I really hope it doesn't take a ridiculously long time for the RMA to go through.