GTX 960 preparations!

So I've just bought the Gigabyte GTX 960 OC 4GB to run at 1080p. I'm pairing with an AMD Athlon X4 860k 3.7Ghz CPU and I'm just wondering if I should be prepared to encounter any issues with regards to the cpu throttling the graphics card in any way. Should I look at overclocking it, and if so, what would be safe? I've got it paired with a Titan dragonfly cooler.

PC part picker link is here

You should overclock your CPU either way, probably in the 4.5ghz ballpark without much issues with that cooler.

With that cooler overclocking is a must do.
I really would like to see how that cooler looks on the micro-atx board.
4GHz is very safe
4.3GHz is also safe but might become a little unstable.

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I've just had a look and I actually had the wrong Titan Dragonfly cooler in and it is in fact the TTC-NC85TZ(RB) 38.5 CFM (although that's gibberish so the updated build is here

Good to know though, thanks. I was looking at going for 4.0Ghz, seeing how it runs then possibly going to 4.2 Ghz.

4.2ghz whilst running safe voltages and temps, not unlikely on that cooler.
20-30% overclocks should be something standard to achieve on most hardware, especially CPUs.

An 860k and a gtx 960 is a good combination. Not really any need to oc the CPU but beneficial to do so.