GTX 960 or GTX 770 or R9 380

I'm building a PC for a friend and I'm having trouble deciding what GPU to choose.
He wants to play newer games like GTA V, Rocket Leauge and the upcoming Star Wars battlefront
I'm just worried that NVIDIA will make the 770 perform worse than the GTX 960 through the drivers and such, cough* Gameworks cough* cough*.
What is your thoughts on this?

if their going to play starwars battle front go with the r9 380 its a great gpu and better then mine (r9 270) and i can play it at medium settings at decent fps and its much better value than a 960 /770

The value is not what matters here. It is what will perform the best.
Thanks for your input though.

With stock speeds the 380 wins this, if you are willing to overclock it the 960 could get competitive but otherwise the 380 has a slight edge in this fight and the 770 is pretty much on par with the 960, here you have a comparsion of the 960 and the 380

I guess I'll go with the GTX 960 then.

Why would you go with similarly priced slower card, when you can get 380 and get better results?
Actually, from those 3 cards, the beat performing will be 770... It's a bit old, but keep in mind, 770 was competing with 280X, and 280X beats both 960 and 380 to the dirt...
My personal choice will be 380 for better DX12 support and eventually freesync monitor, but still, 770 will probably give you a few FPS more...

Well, they are all in the same performance bracket, so finding the performance difference is splitting hairs, more or less.

However, one may perform better with a certain game over another one. Finding benchmarks for Starwars: Battlefront may be difficult, currently, but I would try to find some for Rocket League and GTA V - and keep the driver version in mind, because that affects performance as well.

Thanks a lot to both of you!
I showed him the pros and cons of each card and also benchmarks.
He chose the GTX 770, freesync didn't interest him and neither did gsync.
As for the DX12 support. By the time it really matters he will most likely have bought a new one.

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