Gtx 960 for $100? Scam?

I came across this link to a graphics card, it seems to be a GTX 960 for $100. Is it a scam?


first thing to do on unknown sites is look for loaction and contact.
They are in china for a starter with no direct call line...

however they do have a large social media presence online chat etc... so maybe they are okay.

Would you rather pay a little more for piece of mind I guess is the answer.

ddr3, hell no

wouldn't recommend it aye

Dvi VGA and one HDMI
Lol k
2gb ddr3
Lol k
Don't risk it mate


Just pay more on legitimate resellers. Even if you have good luck with "cheap' resellers in the past you may not on the next one.

48 stream processors? Doesn't seem legit to me.

Maxwell was 28nm iirc
This is 40

Super low consumption and calorific value

Lol wut^
Win 2008,Win vista,Win XP

It's EZGA card
Total Chinese knockoff
Might work but not well lol