Gtx 780TI or R9-290x?

Hi guys, I am stuck on what card I want to get to replace my HD7950 and I am leaning more toward the Gtx 780ti because of power consumption. Would someone give me Pros cons of each card. Pretty much all I know is they are pretty close and both hot with the R9 being the hotter of the two.


Note: I am not buying till October since I get an estimated $1300 pfd because I live in Alaska.

I am lead to believe that the 780ti is always the higher performing card, but it is hard to justify the price of either the 780ti or the 290x. The 780ti is only marginally better in some games (particularly at higher resolutions), and the R9 cards are heavily inflated due to the mining of crypto-currencies.

I would consider the 290 or the 780 which are around 600 and 500, respectively.

780 ti if you can afford it. The 780ti has awesome features like shadowplay and gpu boost, as well as better driver support. The 290x is almost like a niche miner's card now. In games the 290 is almost the same as a 290x. I would go with the non reference 290 if you don't want to spend the money on the 780 ti. 

another option is, wait for titan black???

If you're not purchasing a card until October, then you should consider any card released between then and now. Maxwell architecture will almost certainly be out in that time.

oh true about that. I should just wait for maxwell :).

Shadowplay is a compromise, Yes the performance is good but it compromises on quality.

290 / X have a similar feature to GPU boost...

Catalyst nowadays is far superior to the Nvidia offering. Every second Nvidia driver release is broken. Nvidia use less VRAM but at higher clocks which cause the card to become unstable with certain drivers.

OP with current inflation rate get the 780 or 780ti

If AMDs cards drop back to recommended MSRP Than 290 or 780ti.

Catalyst is for sure not far superior to nvidia's drivers. I love amd and love recommending them, but I can't at this moment. Amd's price/performance is gone with the inflation. So far for me catalyst 14.1 is unusable and catalyst in general is more unstable than geforce experience. I personally find shadowplay's quality fine,especially when you consider that youtube butchers the quality either way. At MRSP Amd's offerings beat Nvidia's, but at the moment, unless you're mining on the side, go with nvidia. 

with the 780ti, I can run bf4 at over 120 fps on ultra. I have similar results with other super demanding games. Shadowplay is integrated in such a way as to have as little effect on the performance of the game as possible. Its a REALLY cool feature. it does so little to the games I play that I just leave it on all the time :)

Also Ive never hard any problems with an nvidia driver ever. Each update has always improved performance and has never broken anything. Dont know where you heard that from..

Wish I could speak for the amd side of things but I turned down the 290x purely from the noise the damn things make. Their louder than the hairdryer fans on my old gtx 470s...

Shame how ur inflated priced AMD cards are still cheaper than the rest of the world :/

"I am not buying till October" - Don't even bother drooling over GPUs now. GabeN nows how the GPU landscape looks in October.  

That's a beta driver..

Also compression does not work like that. It's the same thing as copying one VHS tape to another than to another. You need a high quality source.

The cards are equal under water and stock CLK.

Sucks that 14.1 isn't working well for you. I've seen nothing but performance on my 7970Ghz with 14.1.

The way things are looking now, 780Ti is your best bet. Which one you purchase is based on when you purchase it. Mining has really taken off lately so the AMD cards are much more expensive than they are regularly. It all depends on the market at the time of purchase. Should the prices go back down to their average for AMD, you should get the 290X.