GTX 780Ti + CM elite 130

Would it be better to use a Blower style stock cooler or the Gigabyte gtx 780Ti ?

BTW the build is going to be pretty tight but i would not mind it running hotter and loud as i use headphones for gaming

I don't know the case that well but it looks like it has moderately decent airflow so I'd personally go with the Gigabyte version. Your PSU will exhaust a lot of the heat I think.

Since it would be pulling air directly from outside, I'd recommend buying a dust filter to stop the graphics card clogging up. This one's made especially for it

Thanks alot

I have this exact setup with the gigabyte 780ti, it's just fine :)

What you will want to do though is get a LOW PROFILE Noctua or a silverstone (like mine) cpu cooler and a good front fan, to make sure that the case keeps cold enough. I also recommend getting a modular PSU like the corsair RM series. The fan also doesn't turn on until it needs to which will also keep it quiet.

I was going to put a water cooler in the front of mine for the CPU but you sort of need the fan for the gpu.

The main hot part of the card is the back of the PCB, so having the front fan on it would be good.

There is also a mini (apparently loud) 80mm fan on the side of the opposite side to the gpu, this will only really help with keeping the motherboard cold though but you may as well plug it in, however, unless you have gotten the Asus Maximus mini ITX board then you will only have to fan headers which will mean you will need to plug the little fan into a molex adapter for the PSU.

If you don't get a modular PSU or do the molex fan thing then you will have a lot of cables, so if you have can live without a cd drive then that would be recommended because you can then put the bulk of the cables up there as apposed to having them down in front of the main intake fan.

You can also mount an SSD and an HDD on the side of the case horizontally for more air flow :) 

OK, what model of CPU cooler do you use ?

Also I was planning on watercooling one or the other with an 80mm thick single 120mm rad in the fromt

the CPU is going to be a I7-4790K but I doubt I will put a high OC on either one (I7 OC'ed to 4.6-4.7) is pretty high I assume ? 

I can't remember exactly but it doesn't really matter, it was like 10 bucks, i just got it as a quiet version of a stock cooler, so same temps.

If you do use a rad then you will either have to have a small graphics card or no HDD, unless you mount the HDD in the optical drive spot.



So basically the ideal thing for you would be to have a full length 780Ti and to put your HDD in the optical drive spot (5 1/4 bay) instead of the CD/DVD player.

You would then have room for an SSD (Definitely if you have one fan on the rad, maybe if you have 2) in between the rad and the motherboard, and there will also be a slot available vertically on the side of the case (when I mentioned the horizontal mount before I meant vertical).

Oh and yeah a 4.6-7 OC is pretty decent for that chip, if you're unlucky you may only get 4.5, but i'd say at least 4.65. The thing that might change the outcome a tiny bit to what it says on the box is the temperatures from the inside of the case from the back of the GPU's pcb.

Well i am planning on no compromises for the rig at all :P

I will have 2 ssd's in Raid 1 (Sandisk Ultra Plus 128GB $62.99) and a 2.5" HDD (Probs 1TB)

 well i was thinking of just leaving the drives on the side of the rad and not secure it as the ssd's dont have moving parts. (Not mounting them at all)

XSPC 5.25" single bay res

Alphacool Monsta 80mm thick single 120mm rad (I am not sure if it will fit :/)

Swiftech APOGEE Cpu + Pump

you think this will be able to fit in the case and also cool both the 780ti and 4790k?


2.5" HDD?'

Well you'll be hard pushed to get a resevoir in there.. I'd just get the Corsair h80i to be honest and use the 5 1/4" for an HDD, you'd still be able to mount the SSDs too, for better air flow.

How about ditching that res and using this as a combo ?

Swiftech MCR120 "Quiet Power" 120mm Radiator w/ Reservoir 

and what would happen if I stacked this rad against the monsta that i will be using and had Noctua NF-F12's on wither end doing pushpull ?

The radiator connectors are too wide I believe, in this case you pretty much won't benefit from having a resevoir.

Just use the H80i and get a regular size HDD for putting in the OD space.

Also i'm guessing you're using that black and red asus motherboard? It has an M.2 sata slot on it, so you should buy a 256gb one of those for your os and main programs, and then a 500GB regular SSD for games n shit.