Gtx 780 vs sli gtx 760`s

Basically what the title says, ill link both the cards in question. Preformance wise whats better, also will sli cause allot of headaches? I will be using a 1080p 144hz monitor.

 Games i want to play: Skyrim!, Metro, Bioshock, Guild wars 2, Crysis, ETC


With the 760`s my build would like this, i would be buying a second 760 later on.


780 build:



gtx 780:


gtx 760:

This post (as with so many like it) is pointless without this key point of information;

WHEN are you buying?

I can show you benchmarks for which setup is better and talk about price and yadda yadda. But when are you buying? This week? Tomorrow? Because sales come and go, and AMD's REAL next gen launches in a few months and prices vary week to week.

Currently, I cannot reccomend anything from the 700 series of Nvidia. It's not really 'new' tech, it is just last gen chips repackaged as such. The 760 is a 660ti, the 770 is a 680 and the 780 is a nerfed Titan. 


Never SLI lower tier cards, more power consumption, more heat, compatibility issues and the 780's a beast gets 1-2fps lower than a titan in most games and even the same in some games.

If you're using a 144Hz monitor, the 780 could be a really good match.

I would just get a single 770. Overclocked I get atleast 70-80 fps on really demanding games.

Sorry, im buying in less than a week.

I would have to spend less on the rest of the build to fit a 780 in. Is it worth it? Or would a 770 suffice?

I agree with 770 as an alternative option. It provides a lot of performance to match your needs, and it is cheaper. You can always add a second 770, if necessary. There will be no immediate need for a second card. A future investment, perhaps.

Im sort of considering just spending $300 more so i can fit everything i want into it XD In your opinion is it worth it?

I still dont think its worth spending $650 on a card for 1080p gaming, but the build loooks fantastic.

Well, you have to ask yourself if your build could be improved? Could money be allocated elsewhere?

The build looks solid, Billy. I know you've been researching it quite a bit.

I would purchase the 770, for 1080p gaming. Then use those funds and allocate them to a larger SSD, like the 256 840 pro. It is faster, and provides more capacity. I have a 256GB SSD. It contains my OS, and about 5 games. This fills up 110GB, approximately. Would you be happy with just a 120GB?

And I would change the CPU cooler to the Phanteks 14PE. Haswell runs hot, and it would be wise to grab a higher-tier cooling solution, if you're overclocking. If you're not overclocking, the Xigmatek is a great cooling solution. The Xigmatek will allow for an overclock of 4.2 or 4.4, depending on the chip. If you want to overclock further, you should consider my suggestion, a double tower cooler.

Thanks, I probably will not be doing a very large overclock, 4.4 was actually the most i was looking to do.

My reasoning behind the 120gb SSD is that i will probably only be storing OS, and games that will really benefit from it, like skyrim. I could hold off on the SSD and get a 256gb in a few weeks though?

Im worried that a 770 wont be enough to keep the frames really smooth in everything i throw at it at 144hz. ^^ I just want to me absolutely sure im spending my money the right way. 

Thanks for responding ^^. Without this forum i would be lost.

Anything above 30-35 FPS is considered playable. People will often say that games look smooth at around 60. The 770 will put out 60/70/80 FPS, depending on the game. It is a very capable card!

And I would advise getting the 256GB SSD, as you will have to micromanage games. If you delete a game, that requires you to download it. It's all time taken. The money you save on the GPU will cover the SSD upgrade quite easily. It depends if it would bother you? 256GB is the sweet spot for me.

Would it be more sensible to go with something like this: and not have to worry about upgrades until more ram or a second GPU is needed? Or would going with this: then getting a 256gb SSd later be a better gaming experiance?



I would invest in the SSD, and have a more complete system. The 770 really is a nice match for your display.

If you're building a rig that is strictly for gaming, you won't see a performance increase over the i5. The i7 is more of an editing processor. I am unsure if editing is something that interests you? You can still edit with the i5. That's another way of saving money.

I may do some editing, but the majority of usage will be gaming. If i scale down the CPU and motherboard i get something like this Or i can go with something like this: and stay very close to my original budget of $1500-$1600.

If it is majority gaming, little editing, get the i5. I still back the 770. The 780 is more of an ultra card for big resolutions and multiple monitors. It can be used for 144Hz. But, you don't need to be spending that kind of money. I would prefer the 780 to the (dual) 760 option. But, I prefer the 770 to the 780. It is a better balance, you get everything you need/want. It will play the games you want, with the frames you need, right out of the box.

Why is everyone recommending a 770 or 780, benchmarks done two 760s beat a 780 and 770. In most games it scales very well and is 120 dollars cheaper then a 780 and 100 more then a 770. For 1080p a 760 would be great, more power ok I found a silver 1350 watt power supply on toger direct for like 120 bucks, more heat, just get direct cu 2 and a case with good airflow. you won't need to upgrade for 1-2 years and next shear when the 800 series comes out Just sell the 760s for like 300 or 400 and upgrade to 860s.

How long will it take you to save the extra needed to get the build you want with a 780?


Single 780 would be my choice. For such a low resolution you will be wasting your money on a sli setup imho. Or head for team red and grab a nice 7970.