GTX 780 vs R9 290x vs GTX 8X0

I'm in the market for a new GPU with a budget around $500 (I have a little bit of upwards movement)

GTX 780, R9 290X or wait for the die shrinkage on the 800 series later this year?


Also...reasons.  I can look at numbers myself, but reasoning behind your suggestions is what is actually useful.

If it helps I have a i7-4770K cpu.




i would wait because

amd cards are overpriced right now

the new nvidia cards probaly have better price to peformance

I didn't mention this before but the GPUs that I'm currently using are two 9800 GTX+'s SLI'd.

They will for certain be the bottleneck in the system until I can get a new card.

did a bit of research i would wait till 290 get cheaper 


Any reason for 290 over a 780?

From a purely numbers standpoint the 780 checks in nearly 1000 points higher on the PassMark 3d tests AND its close to $100 cheaper. 

Passmark is the absolute worst benchmark site there is.

The 570 was the top listed card forever, above the 580, 7950, 7970, 7970ghz, 670, 680, and 690. If I didn't know any better, and I don't, I'd say they were just making shit up. They might as well just be making shit up, is my point.

Good to know. Any better alternative you can suggest?

I always take numbers sites like that with a grain of salt but that was the first one that popped up when I googled GPU Benchmark so its what I referenced.

i am also waiting for ASUS 290x direct CU2 OC ... not long now... maybe at the end of January.

Wait for 800s.  Right now the GPU market is crazy.  AMD's prices skyrocketing due to the cryptocurrency craze is basically making all of their cards worse for the money than their equivalent Nvidia product.  

Problem with waiting though is that we have no idea when Nvidia plans to unveil Maxwell, it could be this quarter or it could be Q4, we don't know.

I ended up going with the 780.

I would wait for the 800 if the die shrinkage were happening upon initial release instead of sometime after TSMC gets their line set up in June or July.  I don't want to get an 800 when its just a modified 700 architecture.  Thinking about it the 780 will last me for quite a few years and will be a vast improvement over my current set up (the 9800's).  I don't think I could continue on those for much longer and remain sane.

R9-290 (non-X). Best performance for the money. I sold my GTX 760 and I'm now waiting for my R9-290 to arrive. Beats the GTX780 is most benchmarks and the R9-290X is not worth the extra $150 USD for only a 5-6% performance increase.

Just my two cents.