GTX 780 vs. GTX 970

I have been planning on getting the gtx 770 for a long, long time now. However the recent price drop puts the gtx 780 and 970 both in my price range. My rig is all red and black inside of a red and black h440. Need a new gpu though. so i am either getting the asus gtx 970 strix or the asus ROG poseidon GTX 780. Now, in the future i am planning on watercooling, which is why the poseidon seems so tempting. but it will be a long, long time till i watercool. most likely 1-2 years. i could use some help with my decision. thanks.

Definitely go with the gtx970 and just save a little extra money in the next two years for the GPU waterblock.  The gtx970 all around is a better card and will be more directx 12 friendly. 

Gtx 970 =D

What GPU are you running now though ?

amd r9 280

The 970 generally outperforms the 780, costs less, and uses less power. Go for it.

the 780 is cheaper for me

Huh. By how much? Because the other benefits might still outweigh it (though I value efficiency more than a lot of people).

I myself am looking to buy a 970 i just don't know which manufacture to go with ?


The review linus shows there benchmarks and generally the 780 outperforms the 970 in them.

Most other benchmarks show the 970 beating the 780 or being about even, not losing.,1.html

We have to keep in mind that Linus is back to overclocking all of their cards, and if I am not mistaken, they said that they have a really good overclocking 780 (won the silicon lottery on that one). So you have to take that into account. Every card is going to overclock a little differently.

970 beats the 780 and 290 and trades blows with the 780ti and 290x.

go with gigabyte, msi, or asus, the zotac omega and extreme are nice too

Well if we take into account overclocking, then the 780 Ti would be the best buy since they're going for ~$450 and they overclock better than the 980, at least according to this forum post:

Yeah, the 780ti is an overclocking champ. It certainly is a good deal at ~$450 as well ($480 before rebate on newegg right now). That is if you are only looking at straight in-game fps. performance per watt of the 980 is better (that isn't a big deal to most people though).

780, 780 ti and maxwell all overclock amazingly well. K|ngp|n however has stated that maxwell is the best overclocking chipset he has ever experienced.

I've heard other people say that, but I haven't found a source for that (not that I don't believe it, it seems to be true, just can't find it on my own). They do all overclock really well. But we have largely gotten off topic here. We were supposed to be discussing the 970 vs the 780. Not sure if OP has resolved that yet.

Rog 780 is $300. 970 is currently unavailable and listed at $350

i would personally go with the asus strix. fans dont spin up until stressed, silent, all black, backplate, the list goes on

It has to be the 970. Especially seeing as you can't use the 780 for nearly two years. By then there might be two new generations. So on that alone get the 970.