GTX 780 vs GTX 760 SLI


My friend is building a new computer and we are trying to decide on buying graphic card(s) for the computer. We want to use something that has the same power of a GTX 780 or more. I was looking around and we noticed that we could get two GTX 760s for about the same price as a single GTX 780. We aren't sure which route to go. My friend does some gaming and some video editing with Adobe CS5. What are your thoughts and opinions?



Two 760s would grant a higher level of gaming performance, providing that the game has support for SLI. Some games do not benefit from multi-GPU configurations.

I don't rate the 760 as much of a productivity card, because the 760 has fewer cuda cores than a 660ti. I would much prefer the use of a 780 for editing.

A single 780 uses less power, and less space.

All things considered, I think a single 780 is sufficient for your friend's needs. And it has a good balance of everything.


also not all motheboard support sli.

go for the 780,

While nvidia has done some good things for SLI, it is still not perfect. It occasionally has issues where the only solution is to disable SLI until they release new drivers.


Overall, it is more trouble than it is worth, especially when the performance boost is pretty small where if a game is not smooth on a 780, then it will not be smooth on SLI 760's

Furthermore, where the 780 excels (high res gaming), the 760 lacks the video memory needed (unless you go for the 4GB version, in which case, you will pay a huge price premium where it will just be better to get a 770 and overclock it (it overclocks to offer more performance than a reference 780)


GTX780 no brainer ☺ much better for pruductivity.

Thank You for your posts everyone! Sorry, I haven't had time to post a reply. (college, work, life, etc.) We talked it over and we are definitely going to go with the GTX 780! WE are going to see about overclocking it too. So, hopefully it should be one monstrously powerful card.