GTX 780 VS AMD Radeon R9 290X

Well I'm going to be building a PC soon andI'm  stuck between a 780 and the 290x. I'll be using my computer for Photoshop and Premiere as well as some games, I was just wonder which would be better for what I do. 


Get whatever is cheapest. It is pretty hard to determine which is "faster", since there are contradicting reviews and further reviews of retail samples which contradict the cherry picked samples.

Do you have any particular game preferences? Do you have a small form factor build and what to reduce noise?

For me I'll be playing most of the games Logan and the team benchmark with like Trine 2 and a heavily modded Skyrim. My build will be in a Fractal Define R4 and Im hoping that will reduce the noise. 

I'd say you're fine with either. The 290x would be better for heavily modded Skyrim, as modded Skyrim seems to prefer AMD. I think the 290 cards have new coolers coming out, and I would pick up one of those, given that they are a similar price to the 780. However, if the 780 is considerably cheaper than the 290x, I would point you to that, or the ordinary 290 (non-x)

Now that both have the same refernce coolers (normal suspects like tri-windforce, ACX and twin frozr really the choice is in the extras like gsync, mantle, shadowplay and eyefinity. For heavy mods the slightly higher video memory of the R9 290 and R9 290X may be helpful, and for 1080p work the R9 290 is certainly fast enough making it certainly the value option.

However personally I think the gtx780 is the faster option based on average benchmark results, it also will support you adobe work with cuda (works far better than OpenCL for adobe stuff I find), has the more mature drivers ect which can be of help as well, finally the Nvidia cards normally run cooler than the R9 series, which means less fan speed thus noise assuming the same aftermarket cooler. If you do go with the gtx780 I'd avoid the MSI lightning card, its triple slot cooler and long card design will make it a pain to deal with and due to the binding power limits set by Nvidia you won't actually get a better overclock then a less expensive and smaller non-reference gtx780 unless you re-flash the cards firmware with a legacy version from before this restriction.

1. new games are optimized for AMD hardware (PS4 and Xbone have AMD hardware) : 1 point for AMD (see BF4 Mantle support... also : see project MANTLE from AMD).

2. you need very reliable cooling : 1 point for AMD & for NVIDIA third party vendor versions AND -9000 points for AMD & for NVIDIA stock design boards  :)

3. you need as much VRAM as possible (Skyrim will eat VRAM like a MOFO): 1 point for AMD


If you light cigars with 100$ bills just ignore the rest of the text and go buy quad SLI NVIDIA 780ti :)


result : 3 points AMD vs 1 point NVIDIA --> recomendation : R9 290X .... but, you might want to wait for a couple of weeks for ASUS and MSI to release the custom cooling R9 290X boards ( very strong chances some third party vendor will release a closed loop water cooling solution )


if you want some info about  ASUS Radeon R9-290X DirectCU II OC you might want to take a look at this :,22.html