Gtx 780 rail question

Guys do you think if I have thermaltake toughpower 750w psu with 4 12v rails 18A each it would be enough for gtx 780 and maybe for sli? Because I saw gtx 780 need single 42A rail?

The number of amps is sufficient for at least one GTX 780, and an overclocked system. However, I wouldn't recommend having multiple 12v rails. It is better to have one 12v rail, with a sufficient supply of amps. It is better for voltage regulation.

If you haven't bought this PSU yet, I can definitely recommend some other PSUs.

Also, do you really really need a GTX 780? I see a lot of people buy the 780, when they don't have a suitable display.

I already have this psu otherwise I would buy single rail psu. I have 1080p monitor but I just want to max out games in the future. I was also thinking about 770 but that 256bit memory interface is killing me. I thought about 7970 but it doesn't have physx which again sucks.

Hmm that's a lot of money to pay for a GPU, with a 1080p 60Hz display.

60Hz = 60 FPS

The 780 can output more than 100 frames in most games at that res.

If you're absolutely set on a 780, I'd recommend a 144Hz display or something. Otherwise, a cheaper Nvidia (for physx) might be a wise choice. Save yourself some money :)

I think 1440p is just too big to watch up close. Will probably go with 770

The psu should power the gpu, make sure you use two separate pcie cables (back from the psu) to the gpu though. Those psu's aren't the best, so i would be saving for a new decent strong single rail psu straight away. I certainly wouldn't be overclocking the card. I have never liked thermaltake's psu's, if its an old toughpower model the build quality and actual output is far from good, quad rail designs are a thing of the past.

Best of luck champ.

I said 144Hz :P lol. That's still 1080p, but you're able to utilise the extra power of the card.

Besides that 1440p monitors are expensive, which is why I didn't suggest it. However, the GTX 780 is well suited to that resolution.

If you decide on a 770, I think it is a good alternative.

Will put up a build and you can check it out what you think about it.

In general you are often times more well off if you start with one 670ish level card and later get a second for SLI/Crossfire later than the top of the line card.  Generally better lifespan and Price:Perforance.

here are the two 144hz monitors from asus

It's bull that 780 is overkill for 1080p. It can't even manage 60fps on crysis 3 max. You'll be happy you have this baby when the witcher 3 drops ;)

There's very few games that you cannot max at 1080p with a lesser card. Of course a GTX 780 is too much for that res!

I wouldn't spend double the amount on a card for Crisis or The Witcher, when you can get very playable frames. Even Linus said the 780/Titan are made for higher resolution.

Yes the games are few but they exist. And If you are someone who only buys a card once every 5 years then I think you're going to be happier with the 780. I know future proofing doesn't exist, but stil.. If OP has the money and wants to max everything then there is no reason to not go 780 :p If I had a big enough PSU I would do it with my 1080p display. But you are correct, you would do fine with a 'lesser' card. 

You crazy, Ribozyme. Crazy! lol

I'd get a higher refresh rate monitor, then you can get the value of the card for 5 years, as you've said. But, the value of the card doesn't diminish in lesser games, when you max out the display.

I don't know. I would rather have the advantages of ips over the advantages of a 120/144hz panel. But I never saw one in real life so who am I. If you buy 780 today for 1080p it might be overkill for most of the games for a while but in 1 year it won't be anymore. It all depends on what you want out of your games. If you want absolutely everything max with a single card I would go 780. But who am I. Let OP decide :p

Yeah, OP can decide for himself.

IPS 1440p and GTX 780 is definitely a good combo, over high-refresh rates.