GTX 780 or R9 290?

Im looking to upgrade my GPU and am wondering whats best to get.
Both cards i can get for roughly the same price and was wondering on everyone's opinions.
The 290 seems to be the faster card in benchmarks.
Im looking at the gigabyte card for the 770 and any non reference 290 card.

Current specs:

  • Cpu: Intel I5-3570k OC to 4GHz 
  • Gpu: XFX Radeon HD 7850 2GB OC 
  • Ram: 16 GB (2X8) 
  • Psu: Be Quite 730w


R9 290 smashes the 770. Really good price/performance

^^^ a 280x smashes a 770 most of the time.

290 handz down lol ☺

unless you want CUDA or rendering something in the gpu.... 290 all the way

Ok thanks for your Replies.

I wonder whether the Software on Nvidias side gives them an edge however, what with gameworks and physx ect.
Also the gtx card comes with watch dogs which is tempting, haha 

Not worth it. Most games don't use Physx. Watch Dogs is broken and over priced. AMD have their own implementations of most things anyway.

I own a 780. No fanboyism.

R9 290 was made to compete with 780 so yeah, get R9 290. If you can find one at a competitive price, if not might as well get 780. Avoid PowerColor's PCS+ series of R9 290s though, they have a bit of a performance degradation problem.  Go with either Asus, MSI, or Sapphire.

hmm... yh im thinking the 290 is the way to go now.
Although i had read about the powercolor and it was apparently only the first batch that were incurring problems?
reading reviews of the card its seems to have really good temperatures and noise performance. so if the degradation problem isnt to be an issue anymore then i think thats the card im looking at. 

Wrong link: 

My R9 290x PCS+ certainly fell victim of the "performance degradation". I hope if you're considering this series that you don't get the bad batch. While I issue an RMA with PowerColor, I'm back to my Asus HD 7970 Direct CUII for now, it's still kicking ass and even better now that I've OC'ed it by using a Matrix bios: 1.1ghz on the core and 6600mhz memory.

I own a 770 Classified 4GB From EVGA and i will tell you from my experience you are better off getting a R9-290, The Price to Performance is BEYOND The Definition of Stupid (and i mean that in a good way of course) plus to be honest in my opinion you aren't going to lose out cause most of Nvidias Exclusive tech has are just dying tech.

PhysX doesn't really do much at least the way i see it, plus modern day games have started to implement smarter physics in games so PhysX is not a necessity anymore. Nvidia Game-Stream? yeah you don't need to spend another 200 bucks to grab a shield when Steam has now countered Nvidia with Steam in Home streaming, which works on Any Windows Machine / tablet, and Mac OSX i believe, later it is coming to android and iOS and works with ANY GPU. also G-Sync? yeah adaptive sync / free-sync is coming which is going to work on any GPU that has the Display port 1.2a and is going to be a STANDARD for all PC Monitors, unlike Nvidia which is only going to work on whatever monitors they Want on it so yeah you don't need to buy a Monitor BRANDED with Nvidia proprietary hardware. the only thing you are going to miss out on is Shadowplay from Nvidia (which lets be honest how often are you going to use it?) and it doesn't work with every single game. some secondary programs do what Shadowplay does but better.

The 290 has almost or better the performance of a 780, Comes with 3 Free Games and you get to enjoy mantle, true-audio and all that goodness ALL for roughly $400-$450 (Depending which Manufacturer you get it from). if that is not a SICK Deal i don't know what is.

Now you're probably thinking "oh if its so good why don't you have it?" well i bought my 770 when the R9 Series prices were up to the bloody heavens cause of Crypto-Currency Mining. so the only best thing i could of gotten for 400 bucks was a 4GB 770 :/

R9 290.

Ah, sorry to hear that altho your current set up sounds baddass anyway.
Can i ask how long your PCS+ lasted? because from the research iv done they show problems quickly if there going to, and with a warranty it wont be the end of the world if i have to return it. 

Well, I've owned roughly 3 months, although, I suspect the degradation happened even earlier on. One day, was trying to pick up where I left off in Crysis 3 when I noticed it had a hard time running everything in Very High, so I thought, "Ok, Crysis 3 still a demanding game what's new?" But then I lowered the AA from 4xMSAA to 2xSMAA (TX), still it had a hard time. So I lowered it to High Settings, but then I thought, "Wait a minute, High Settings is what my HD 7970 was capable of running at 60fps." 

I decided to do a Unigine Valley benchmark to compare it to other R9 290Xs. At Extreme HD preset, basically, it had a hard time even keeping 10fps! Long story short here's the benchmarks:

PowerColor R9 290x PCS+ (@ stock speeds of 1050 core/1350 memory)

  • FPS: 12.7
  • Score: 531
  • Min FPS: 6.8
  • Max FPS: 24.6

Asus HD 7970 Direct CUII (@ stock speeds of 925 core/1375 memory)

  • FPS: 37.5
  • Score: 1568
  • Min FPS: 20.2
  • Max FPS: 69.2

I have a Corsair 850rm power supply with more than enough to run this power hog of a card so I knew that wasn't the issue. I did more research about here and made a thread about it too. BUY IT RIGHT NOW! END OF STORY

^Updated it with the proper links.

If a 280x is comparable to a 770. Then it should go to say a 290 should be slightly better than the 770.

280x is usually faster then the 770 depending on the game, and the 290 is better or slightly slower then the 780 depending on the game :)

Would you recommend the 780 over the 290?
Both would be non reference cards
However the 780 only has 3gb on vram compared to the 4 on a 290.
I know this isnt much of a issue rn but as shown by watch dogs presumably games will continue to use more and more for top textures so the 290 is better for the future?
The 780 is also slightly more expensive than the 290 here in England

Thanks for all the replies