GTX 780 or GTX 670 sli (New Member)

Hi Guys and Gals,

First off I am a new member to Tek Syndicate, so please be gentle.

I am currently looking to upgrade my rig and I have about £600 (uk pounds)  as a budget.

I was thinking of a GTX 780 as an upgrade to my GTX 670 or getting a 2nd 670 for sli. I know there are issues with sli, but I can pick up a new 670 for under £200, where a 780 would nearly take all my budget. If I go with another 670 I could use the remaining cash for other upgrades.

I am not a huge gamer although I do like the visuals to be as good as possible. I currently game at 1080p although I plan to go 4K in the near future.

Any thoughts?

Can your PSU handle SLI/Crossfire


If I were you I'd go for 4gb 760's in SLI.

They're slightly better than 670 at higher resolutions and will retain driver support for longer and are only around £40 more overall. Not only that, they run cooler and overclock much better.

I also recommend looking at crossfire 7950's those have gone done from $300 to $200-ish in the US, and they have more memory than a 760 and would provide higher performance at a higher resolution, but that's only if they decreased in price for you.

Ah wait, just read what you mean. You alread have a one of the 670's to SLI, wouldn't really be that beneficial unless you can sell it. If I were you then, I'd wait. The 670 should be fine for you for the moment and when AMD realeases the 9000 series in september expect prices to drop massively and probably something from AMD would be better use of your money. Not really a long way away either.

If you are planning on going for 4k, then even a 780 won't cut it. You will need at least 2 or 3 780s, preferably two or  three Titans to drive 4k above 30 FPS.

JJ managed it with 2 way 780s, I think.