GTX 780 or 780ti

So I looking at these two graphic cards and I cannot see the difference between them except for the $200 price difference.  Can someone please explain why I should or should not get the 780ti over the 780. I am talking about the 3GB ones. When it comes to the money it is really a matter of a 1 month wait for the 780 to two months for the 780ti.  My current build is this:

I am using a Sapphire Radeon HD 6670 currently.

Thank you in advance.

Note: I have not put this computer together yet, however, I am planning to assemble it tomorrow. Friday 1/17/14


What kind of resolution screen(/s) are you using/planning to use?

780ti's are pretty nuts both performance wise and price wise. Saying that there is nothing wrong with the 780 non-ti either, if you are running a single 1080p monitor you wont know the difference, both will be pushing frames well above the refresh rate anyway. Above that the 780's are still very formidable cards compared to the ti.

This is <$500

Then again if you want the very best money can buy then grab the 780ti. Its your money.

agreed.  Unless your running surround/ 2560x 1080,1440, and 1600, completely not needed.

i would personaly look for a R9-290 non reference or a GTX780. in my opninnion the GTX780-ti is just not worth its price point. you pay arround $250 more for maybe 10 fps gain over a normal GTX780, or R9-290.

The GTX780 or R9-290  performing equaly. with a much lower price point on both cards, in my opinnion these 2 are the sweet spot cards at the highend segment.

Grtz Angel ☺

Thank you all for the advice, I was looking into the R9-290 a couple of months ago but the prices sky rocketed for some reason.  I will be using only one monitor with 1920 x 1080 res.

I like the 780 better personally. I think when the prices for the 290 goes down to the point it was when it came out, it will be the winner then. But right now the prices for the non-reference 290 are way to much compared to the 780. You can get a Evga classified 780 for $550: 

yes in the US the GTX780 is the winner in the price battle.

That Gigabyte is a very nice card for the money, comes with 1017mhz stock clock and boost up up to 1071mhz for $499