Gtx 780 now or mawell 880?

i have a gtx 460 now, wanting to upgrade but i dont know when an "880" would be released. Is maxwell supposed to be a big leap in performance? should i wait? . i only play on a 1080p screen , i have about a 650$ budget. i dont wanna get a 780ti or 780 now and regret it in a few months though because mawell would out perform it by alot.... first world prob yo

from rumors allegedly it will be a beast of performance increase but knowing Nvidia its probably going to a bit faster not something to run up the wall about. also if it is insane I HIGHLY doubt you'll find a GTX 880 in the same price range as the 780 or even at least close to it. i would stick with the 780,


Uness you can save up for it, get the 780 and another one in a few years time. Only get the GTX 880 if you can wait for your upgrade but two 780Ti's would be more powerful than a single 880. probably

I've been kicking around the idea of nabbing a GTX 770 now, but I'm also assuming that the 800 series cards should be coming out or around May that I'm tempted to just hold out till then even though I could use the performance now. Maxwell will be 20nm as apposed to the current series of cards being 28nm. For whatever reason they released the 750ti which is maxwell on 28nm and I have to say for $150ish its a pretty decent card for what it's meant for.

While the new cards will be a die shrink that is more efficient and uses less power than the current cards I'd have to say that it should be a pretty good jump in performance. Probably not off the charts performance, but enough that waiting is probably the best thing to do unless you really need an upgrade right now.

i used to have a 770, i sold it right before the price drop because, while it is a beast and can get ~60fps in most new games maxed, i wanted something more future proof because games were going to be made for ps4 and xbox one now instead of older consoles. so i thought pc would get better ports/better textures. and 2gb vram wasnt really enough

When looking at previous generations and their performance compared to the new generations you can speculate on the the 800 series power. If the 800 series follows the trend, the GTX 860 TI will be about equal to the GTX 780.

So if you're thinking about buying a GTX 780 right now, imagine that next generation's 'lowest'-high end card will be of equal performance. Having that in mind, I don't think the GTX 880 even needs to be mentioned.

So yes, the smartest thing is to wait for the GTX 880.