GTX 780 in a very small cramped area

I was thinking of getting a FT03B mini

and was thinking of sticking a 780 in it

I am worried that there might not be enough room for the card to breath. What do you guys think?

People have put them in smaller cases, I don't see why you'd have any issues with this case. I say go for it.

No. The 780 is 11.25 inches in length, and that chassis only supports 10 inches or less.

You'd be hard pressed to find an SFX power supply that would supply ample power for that card, anyway.

I stand corrected. I didn't even look at the GPU he posted. Just find a shorter 780 =D or be willing to case mod.

shortest ones are 10.5 so even those won't fit

if I case mod i'll have to cut a whole at the bottom?

Sometimes you can get away with it, but the power supply would prove to be a headache.

You can do what you want. Just be aware of that problem(s).

Pick an appropriate power supply.

Pick an appropriate heatsink. The heatsink on has 78mm of clearance, so you probably won't be able to get an upright. Nor will you be able to overclock much.

I'm going to go to the closed-loop water cooling system most likely from Corsair.

I believe the case does have support for a small radiator. Case also comes with some Air Penetrator fans, which are good for radiators. Preferable to the Corsair stock fans.