Gtx 780 help

Hello all,

I recently purchased an EVGA GTX 780 Ti Classified edition. This card was quite expensive, but I did not exactly have a set budget so I just sorta went with the best I could get. Although I am having some trouble thinking about how I should finalize my decision..

I'm not sure if I should send it back for a refund and get a reference 780 instead and overclock that and simply get another for SLI in the future, or if I should just keep the 780 Ti and overclock it now. 

In other words guys, for my money, could I get similar gaming performance with a reference gtx 780 overclocked or should I just keep the Ti?

I plan on keeping my settings maxed out at 1080p for now, but I will probably buy a 1440p monitor in the future if that helps with a decision.

Much love and thank you for your help,


No point beating around the bush - a 780ti is massive overkill on a single screen @ 1080p. It will be sometime before things will start to push its limits at that resolution. If you already had a larger 1440p monitor  & if it were me yeah a 780ti would maybe worth considering if money wasnt a problem. Especially here in oz anyway, the 'ti's' are well over $250 more than the non ti's.

There are certain 780's that when oc'd hit 780ti performance there is no doubt about that, but really @1080p even a stock 780 is way more than enough for your resolution. Hell a gtx770 would suffice for the next year I reckon.

Performance issues aside..

Not sure how you would go in terms of getting a refund... when I was working in pc store you dont just hand out new cards in exchange for (then) 2nd hand items, just because the customer changes his/her mind.

In that case you'd be left with a card you'd want to sell, chances are you'd lose a good deal of money on it and you be left with an amount that would only get you a non ti 780 anyways.... Making the whole thing a costly experience.

So perhaps it may be worth considering keeping the card, upgrade the monitor or run multi 1080p screens.

Just my 2c, so feel free to ignore.


Classified are binned higher. Classified you can attach a waterblock unlike the FTW card. 

deejeta is right, a 780ti Classified really is overkill for 1080p gaming. it will max out all games with acceptable frame-rates. and the card is capable of playing games at 1440p very well. however if you wish to game with mullti-monitors or at even 1600p then maybe another 780ti would be a consideration but for now personally i wouldn't grab another 780ti for 1080p gaming cause thats just crazy. the 780ti is arguably the best GPU you can get for gaming.

Thanks for replies, I think I have decided to just save a few bucks and return my card and get a normal 780 because I'm probably gonna stick with 1080p gaming since I don't wanna spend another $700 on a 1440p monitor or something like that. 

And deejeta, I bought the card through EVGA and they have a 30 day return fee or something like that where I can send the card back unopened (thank god I have not opened it yet) and get a refund in a few days so I thought I would just do that. 

if you already have the 780ti might as well keep it. it still outperforms the 780 in 1080p gaming. and its still an excellent card. there are probably very few games where the games probably that will make the 780ti scream "OH GOD MAKE IT STOP" i would love to be in your shoes though to mod the bloody hell out of skyrim. my 770 Classified is doing well but still what i would give to have a 780ti.

Yeah I agree with you Kat, the 780ti Classified is a fucking beast. I feel sad almost that I sent it back, but I figured I could save a few bucks just to add some extras to my system and what not. Besides, like I said I'm probably gonna stick with some 1080p gaming for a while anyway. Also, because at one point or another I'll probably upgrade to 1440p along with another card for SLI that will all be part of an upgrade for my system as a whole. Until then, I can chill with some smooth fps gaming hahah maybe if I hadn't played over 400 hours of Skyrim I woulda kept it for a little longer and modded :P