GTX 780 Classified Running 4k?

Can a EVGA GTX 780 Classified run games in 4k at medium to high settings? Or should I get a second gpu? Games I would be playing are: Wolfenstein the New Order, Resident Evil 4/6, Skyrim, Fallout 3 and New Vegaswould be the only games that I can think of that would be a bit difficult to run. Do think it would work?

Honestly, I don't think so. I run 3x R9 290x Sapphire Vapor X to run modern games on max settings on a single 4k monitor.

2x 780ti is recommended for single 4k monitor on med-high settings.

Well damn. Thanks for letting me know

You could probably get away with running 2x 780, but i wouldn't think more than med settings would be possible

That may be what I do. But maybe I should wait for the 880 to come out and see how that card holds up durring 4k usage 

Agreed. You're better off doing 1600p max settings with 16x AA. Gpu's will run cooler and less fan noise.


2 r9 290 or 2 gtx 780 will do the job 


Imo 4k isn't fully isolated for maximum game play.

I personally would go 1440p instead.

4K Is Here but the Graphics Horsepower isn't. its probably going to take 2 more generations for it to finally get there. Something After The R9-300 Series and Something After the 800 Series from Nvidia will we Finally go nuts and grab a 4K monitor and GPU capable of Running games at that Resolution. but for now right now just stick with 1440p. ON the PC 1440p is the new 1080p right now.

True I game in 1440p. 


If the horsepower isn't here then 4k gaming isn't

Either just 4k video.