GTX 780 Bottleneck?

Would an fx 6300 bottleneck the performance of a GTX 780?  I only would use this rig for gaming, nothing else.


No lol its a relatively powerful CPU for the money it can handle a 780. i would overclock that cpu though.

I only have a stock cooler on it.  What would be a good cooler for overclocking?  

no you can grab a good noctua cooler if you want performance and silence in your system

No, at least in games that use all 6 cores, the fx 6300 is a really grate cpu for the money. 

hyper 212 evo or a nochtua. water cooling is also an option

In a percentage of High CPU usage games it will, Games like Battlefield 4, Watch dogs and the like. you will see serious performance but in all honesty, keep a CPU upgrade in the picture for the future. 

Most current games you shouldnt have a problem though. 

i would grab a R9-290, cause that card is cheaper and better, in the first place. FX6300 is basicly still fine. but you could allways concider a cpu upgrade later on.

Asus R9-290 Direct CUII OC is still on sale for $399.

maybe you sqeez some money wenn going with the 290, and grab a FX8320 aswell. But its offcourse depending on your motherboard!

It really depends on the game. In the majority of games, no it won't be a bottle neck, but there are enough AAA games out there in which it would be a bottleneck that I would consider upgrading your cpu if you get a gtx 780.

Watch Dogs
Assassin's Creed 4
Crysis 3, 
Borderlands 2, 

It really bothers me how people today take for granted the importance of a strong cpu in a gaming pc these days. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of value in the fx 6300, but there will be plenty of games where it holds a gtx 780 back.


i think that cpu will be fine with those games you mention those are not that bad a running watch dag run fine on my rig don't feel any bottle neck other then my gpu (hd 7850) but yaah the only games i say it bottle neck is in starcraft 2 arma franchise skyrim maybe with a 1000+ mods yaah i mean this cpu is not that slow oh forgot to mention in emulator like dolphin it will bottle neck but i would recommend a 8320 if you can't well get  the fx 6300 cpu it the best in it price range for the money it only 120$ if you can squeeze 8320 into your budget if not fx 6300 is the best cpu for that price range

Are you just going to completely ignore the benchmarks that I linked then? That CPU will be a major bottle neck in those games (and others) with that GPU. You shouldn't feel a bottleneck though, you are using a lower tiered gpu than a GTX 780. I'm not saying the performance would be bad, but it will be bottlenecking that 780. Games are getting more and more CPU dependent, so a good CPU isn't a bad idea.If he hasn't purchased any hardware yet, I would get an 8320 and a r9 290 (with an aftermarket cooler) over a GTX 780 with an fx 6300. You'll be much more balanced and you're not sacrificing much, if anything, on the gpu side of things.

well if he can only get the fx 6300 then it a good buy if he can get the fx 8320 then that would be better im just saying that it is a strong cpu and that if he can get the fx 6300 than it still not a bad choice

He's talking about spending $500+ on a graphics card that the cpu would bottleneck. An fx 8350 + R9 290 costs less than an fx 6300 + GTX 780 and would perform better. If he already has the fx 6300  and is just upgrading his graphics card, then there isn't much he can do, and he'll just have to upgrade his cpu down the road. If he's buying the cpu now it's a no brainer to get the better cpu and cheaper (but similar performing) r9 290.

Thats what i was saying. lol ☺

asus 290 direct CUII OC is on sale for $399. There is no GTX780 who can beat this. the R9-290 also performs better in most gaming benchmarks that ive seen so far. and he saves $100 on the GPU. sceeze that into a FX8320. and you are done.  But it is offcourse abit depending on his current mobo.

If he has a crap mobo then don´t botter about a cpu upgrade yet. but just grab a R9-290 then. i would personaly grab a 290 over a 780 every day of the week, because i want the best bang for buck. But its personal.