Gtx 780 acx

So for this Christmas i am thinking of purchasing my brother an EVGA GTX 780 ACX but i am not too sure what model would be best. The regular ACX version of the card starts at $499 and the SC version going for around $534 per my last peek on Newegg. My question is if the superclocked version of the card is worth the extra $40, im thinking my brother would be ok with just the non SC version and just OC'ing in Precision X. Just needed some opinions.

Overclocking it in the precision X sounds like the better idea. You are a generous brother indeed! 

I got the SC version for $500 on sale and so far so good. Bottom line is its a 780 and its going to be  exceptionally good regardless. I would get which ever one is the best deal as the performance difference is going to be rather small and not really worth the extra $30-$50, but i would keep an eye out for more deals like i got as they will be abundant for the holiday season.

You like your brother a lot more than I like mine.

The only difference between overclocking it your self and the SC version. Is the SC is overclocked in Bios at the factory. So if power consumption is a big deal to. And when at idle you want the card to volt and clock down all the way then get the SC. If you do it in software does not do as good of a job at that. That is the main difference.

And for lazy people like me that don't want to overclock it our self's. I have the SC 760. But was only 5 bucks more at the time.


The SC uses the same factory voltage and has similar TDP, the speed difference is allowed by higher binning (simply put they choose the best chips). Thus the SC will overclock higher than the regular. Having said that for the price of the SC your not going to get good value, the price difference is lots more than the real performance difference if your willing to play with the clock speeds.

i would go for the normal acx or one of the asus of msi models, if they are cheaper, i allways look at the stock clock speeds. in my opinnion a super clocked version is not worth $40 more, because the performance increase isnt significant. And the normal axc is also overclockable.

If you straight to the EVGA website, you can get a 780SC ACX or Reference for $519 then $10 deal i've seen.