GTX 770 windforce oc temps at 80C

When ever I play a demanding game my temps on my gtx 770 get to be like 80C is that normal cause I have the 3 fans on it and I have a fan on the side panel right under it to blow the air out that it produces.

I think that's high for the Windforce cooler, but it is within the card's operational temps.

Update the BIOS for the card. Check any packaged software for fan control and set new parameters. Manage cables and consider configuring your chassis fans differently.

That's definitely not normal. The windforce cooler is very capable and the 770 usually doesn't run very hot. If the airflow in your case is okay and you have a set fan profile that shouldn't really happen. My 770 never hits 60°C, the ACX cooler from EVGA is at 55% fan speed at that point. What software are you using to monitor the temps?