GTX 770 Water

I am looking to water cool my system soon and are there any waterblocks for a EVGA GTX 770 that anybody recommends?  I don't know if this will affect it, but it has an ACX cooler on it now.

All EVGA GTX 770's are reference card designs, so any reference waterblock will fit.

Incorrect. not only is the GTX 770 Classified not a reference board but I believe many of the ACX models are also not reference as they are dual bios cards and feature a better VRM.

However I am sure EVGA has coolers that support your card.The usually do. Atleast they did... They dropped the GTX 780 Classified water block... Hmm

^ good catch - thanks for correcting me!

According to the EVGA formus, all 770's are reference - EXCEPT for the FTW and Classified models

That post is prior to them releasing more cards with dual bios. i would say to OP, Grab your model number and contact EVGA support directly. There seems to be a lack of information on the subject

Thanks everyone