GTX 770 Questions

After owning an AMD 7850 for a year, which performs quite well, I have decided it is time for an upgrade. I am looking into getting into more advanced 3D modeling and video production, of which most programs don't play well with AMD cards. I have decided upon a GTX 770 w/ 4GB of memory, but am having a few questions about the available models.

Right now, I am looking at the EVGA model with the ACX cooler, but there seems to be multiple models available with no documented differences:




Is there any important differences between these models other than the base clock speed (which I would likely be able to overclock to match anyway) that would warrant spending an extra $25 on?


Also, if you have had any experience with these cards, and advice?

the FTW card is slightly more factory OCed than the Superclocked version, and it says FTW on the card. Thats the only difference. Both cards have the exact same cooler. I think the FTW cards are better binned too, but Superclocked cards are binned anyway, so its going to overclock.

TL:DR you spend an extra $25 to get FTW plastered on your card. Up to you if its worth.

Buy the base card and OC it to the FTW clock speed, that's what I've done with my 760 4GB, otherwise you're just paying EVGA extra to do something you can do yourself.