GTX 770 or other

So I need to upgrade my graphics I’m running a radeon 5000 series it's starting to get a little dated and I'm going to update. I want to know what I should go with. A EVGA GTX 770 or get a Asus GTX 660TI and wait for the price to drop. Or it there is a different suggestion you suggest let me know.


Heres the link to my system:

I would personally get a 660ti or a hd7950 and sell that cpu and grab a fx 6300 for the best all around performace.  Even a 7870 would be a big step form your current 5770.

What about a Fx 8350 and the 660ti. I thought it handes a bit better in games.

Ya a 8350 and a 660ti would be a great choice for a upgrade

Think the 660ti will go down in price in the next few months or stay the same?

660ti is $100 more than a 7970 id say go with a 7970 and if you ever do video editing or photoshop the 7970 will be better as after effects and photoshop are much faster with amd cards as they dont use cuda

When I looked up the priceing the 7970 was $100 more then the 660ti. I do, do alot of photo shop so I'll look more into that card. Thanks

prices vary from country to country ofcourse at the it shop near my house they have the 7970 for $399 and the 660ti for $499

on newegg you can get a 660 for $299 or the 7970 for $399

yeah we cant get stuff from there here in australia
if its only 299 id say go for it and dearer and it wouldnt be worth it

you might even pick up a 670 on sale now the 770 has been released