GTX 770 not recognized

I just upgraded my gpu from a xfx 770 to a evga 770 super-clocked, however I booted into windows with the integrated graphics (becaue it would not work over hdmi) and my computer does not recognize any nvidia hardware. Anyone have ideas for the problem.

motherboard: IPISB Cu Rev 2.0

Thanks in advance 

also The led on the gpu is on and the fan is what seems like 100%

check your bios settings, otherwise rma 

Okay so I unplugged the pcie power connectors and plugged it back in and now when its turned on it will display over hdmi via the 770 but will not boot into windows, I than put the 770 back into the computer and it works fine.


Delete the Nvidia drivers and Geforce experience/OC software if you have either. Then turn your computer off, plug the new card into the monitor and reboot. If this does not work RMA it for sure.