GTX 770 monitor support

A simple question but I couldn't find a simple answer as to the total resolutions and nubmer of monitors my video card could support.

Here is my current video card MSI GTX 770 2GB Twin Frozr OC

Currently I run

x3 Asus VS248H-P 24" LCD 1080p Monitors , Run games in the center and desktop applications on side monitors.


 run dual 2560 x1600 monitors?

Or I could run 2560x1600 in the center flanked by 1080P?

I know this probably wouldn't work for gaming, but just for curiousity could this card support dual 3840x2160 monitors?

I should add, I plan on getting a GTX 980 (possibly 980Ti) in the future and moving the 770 to my wifes computer to replace her onboard graphics.

She Currently has my old Samsung 1600x1200 Syncmaster stuck on the analog vga connection. When I plug it in via the DVI connector all sorts of crazy stuff happens.