GTX 770 Classified Clock Problems

Benchmarks and other utilities say that my memory clock is 3505mhz under load but spec say it should be 1750mhz. Also the core is at 1306mhz under load instead of 1150mhz.

Is the memory clock even possible or is it just the effective speed and half my memory isn't working (because in that case it would be 7010mhz)?

Also is Nvidia or Precision boosting the shit out of the GPU because it has deemed it safe? I was looking at some forums and these clocks seem pretty high. 

Is this normal? I'm new to Nvidia.


Yes, this is normal behavior. Nvidia's GPU Boost feature allows for clock speeds to be dynamically adjust beyond spec if thermals, voltage, power restrictions, and utilization allow. My 760 kicks up to 1202MHz, despite a stock clock of 1072MHz (1137 Boost), which is already well beyond the 980 reference.

The memory throws me for a loop as well. My understanding is that with GDDR5, the effective speed is 4x the actual speed (so 1GHz memory is effectively 4GHz), however, with nvidia it seems it's only 2 times, at least the monitoring software reports as much. However, they all link to the same base speed. In my case, it's advertised as 6008MHz effective. It's spec'd at 1502 (1502*4 = 6008) , and software monitoring reads 3004 MHz. So I'd say it's safe to say it's running normally.

This whole dynamic clock thing is a mixed bag for me. I like the easy performance boost, but it's frustrating not really knowing what the card is doing. Before the dynamic clock speeds, I at least knew what speed my chip was running at.

Yea I agree, I guess I'll just let it do it's thing but that memory clock is a little weird.