Gtx 770/870?

Im planning on building a PC for the 3 erd of March, the GPU at the moment is going to be a GTX 770 SC w/ACX, i hear that the new GTX 870 will be out in april or some time around that.

Would it be worth waiting for, or will getting a GTX 770 now be a better solution. Will the 870 be as big of a step up as people think, or will the 770 still be a hell of a card to use.

-FX 8350


-Hyper Evo 212 cooler


-Asus M5A99X Mobo

-Corsair 600w PSU

-Aerocool X Warrior case

Mate, in the PC master race there is always something worth waiting for... example: guy bought 650ti, day after the 750ti comes out with its outstandingly reliable architecture. So don't wait around. And if you are not buying Nvidia for the software that comes with it. Then for the same price as the 770 with all those fancy coolers you can get a r9 290x with Top of the GPU bracket performance.

I'd expect the 870 to be 5-10% faster than a 770. That seems to be the new card trend. 5-10% faster.

"Then for the same price as the 770 with all those fancy coolers you can get a r9 290x"

I'm guessing you don't live in the states.


I think the GeForce 800 series is coming in Q3, not April, because nVidia's chip supplier has had difficulty transitioning to the new 20 nm fabrication process.

I have been discovered (Cloaks like batman)

:P since as the SC version of the GTX 770 is already 5-10% faster then the original @ stock ill stick with the 770. Dono whether any of you will know but is the FX 8350( will be OCed to 4.5-4.7GHZ) good for playing games like World of tanks as well as hardcore multitasking compared to the i5 3570k which is £35-45 more in UK