GTX 770 4GB SLI or GTX 780 3GB SLI?

I´m going to upgrade soon to a screen resolution of 5760x1080 for Nvidia Surround. I will therefore upgrade my GPU configuration. I´m deciding between GTX 770 4GB and GTX 780 3GB both in SLI. 

I know that JayzTwoCents has 2 GTX 780 3GB in SLI, with pretty good results.

He also mentioned that in Battlefield 4, he used all of his 3GB VRAM, will I therefore benefit more of the 4GB on the 770?

He also mentions that BF4 still runs really nicely.  The GTX 780's GPU is a lot more powerful than the GTX 770.

More Vram doesn't equate to a better card, at least, not in this particular instance. The GPU itself is always the main consideration. If you can afford two 780s, that will be better than two 770s - a lower performing card. The 780 does scale well in SLi supported games.

Ok, convinced me to go with the 780.

Ok, going with the 780 then.

indeed the GTX770 4GB is basicly abit pointless in my opinnion. GTX780 is a much better performing card. no matter if it only has 3GB vram, it will still blow a GTX770 out of the water.