Gtx 760 vs hd 7950 for 1080p High settings gaming

The msi gtx 760 just launched in my country and I wanted to know that is it better than the HD 7950 for 1080p high to ultra settings gaming. I also wanted to know would the HD 7950 benefit from having more VRAM (amd-3gb vs Nvidia-2gb) than the gtx? The gtx is also a little bit less costlier than the HD and the none of them are offering any free games here.Also could my TX 650w PSU handle both graphic cards?

Games planned on playing- bf4, crysis 3, far cry 3, bioshock infinite, tomb raider and GTA 5 (if it comes on PC, I hope it will)

My planned rig:-

fx 8350, hyper 212 evo

asus M5A99FX pro r2.0

8 gb ram

1 tb hardisk

Gtx 760 or HD 7950

TX 650w corsair

bitfenix merc alpha

Go with the 7950 awesome card for the price


Thanks :D

Keep in mind also that newer titles will be optimized for AMD, so it would probably be best for you to stick with them if you want to play the latest and greatest at possibly better settings than you could on a comparable nvidia card.

Though the GTX 760 is certainly a respectable card, and IIRC many reviews have crowned it the new price/performance king.

Out of the box, both cards perform similarly. However, when they are both overclocked, the 7950 wins hands down. This is not reflected in many review websites, because they leave the cards at stock values.

An overclocked 7950 is comparable to an overclocked GTX770, and quite often the 7950 beats that, too.

So, clearly the 7950 gets my vote.