GTX 760 vs 7870 GHz vs 7870 XT


7870 GHz:

7870 XT:

They all have flaws. Game devs are making games optimized for AMD, so an AMD card would be better. The XT has 1 fan, which is not the best and the GHz is more expensive than the XT after MIR. I am leaning towards the XT, I might be overclocking just a tad in the future so the one fan does not bother me. Thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks :D

760 all the way. The thing is more comprable to a 7950 than a 7870, and drivers are much less... buggy than with any AMD card.

The Ghz is totally out of the running. If you can afford the XT, that is the best 7870. It runs on the same type of chip found in the 79xx cards.

The XT is a nerfed 7950. The 7950, once overclocked, absolutely thrashes an overclocked 760. So, I would put the XT and 760 at a similar level of performance.

Either the XT and 760 would be a good buy.

Will most likely go with an XT. I would much rather have amd components currently.

Also, the 7870 XT does not look like it comes with a CrossFire bridge, Should I buy one later on if I need to crossfire?

Believe the bridge comes with your motherboard.

Nope, for AMD it's supposed to come wiht the GPU..

If you don't get a bridge with the first card, worry about it when you pick up the second card.

Here's a HD 7870 XT with better cooling.

Get a gtx 760 because it's faster than the 7870 which out performs the 660ti in allot of games as they improved the amd drivers. 

On the Drivers, that has not been true for a while now, in fact over the last couple of months Nvidia's Drivers have been the buggy ones while AMD's have been absolutley rock solid, not to mention that Nvidia's 320.18 was killing some GPU's while Nvidia offerd 0 recompence or achnoligment for those who GPU's were out of warrenty, a descusting shambles.

Right now AMD's drivers are just plain better.

 @ OP: the standard 7870 (Pitcairn) is not an option, the Tahiti LE 7870 and GTX 760 are, and they are great cards, i have the Powercolor one you linked, (clock for clock) it is at least 10% faster than the Pitcairn and at least as fast as the GTX 760. but the cooler is not that great, its not bad but its not great, i can run mine at 1200 / 1600 and get 75c temps with a 45% fan profile that is not noisy. but anything over 50% and it gets a lot louder.

The Sapphire one linked comes with a much better cooler, you might want to look at that.

Other GPU you should consider is a 7950, don't be an idiot and take reviews just at face value, those reviews use 7950's that are clocked at 925Mhz or even as low as 800Mhz, those are very low clocks for them, AMD did that because clock for clock its only 7% behind the 7970, the 7950 can easily do 1200Mhz and (clock for clock) it completely destroys the 7870 Tahiti LE and GTX 760.


Yah, if you like buying old architecture from last generation that's just gotten a very minor refresh, then sure, go grab a 760 (just a fancy 660ti). I'm sure it's totally gonna be comparable to the AMD 9*** series that comes out this fall... You know, the REAL next gen, not just re-branded 7*** series chips...

Find a Saphire 7870 xt. It has two fans which gives room for an overclock. Also i don't know what people are on about when they complain about Amd drivers, i am currently running the 13.6 beta drivers and havn't had a single problem on my 7870 xt. But i will definitaly upgrade to a 9970 when it comes out.