GTX 760 vs 7870 GHz Benchmark

Hello Logan, Pistol, Wendell, and rest of the Teksyndicate team!

I am currently deciding on whether to get the new GTX 760 from Nvidia or the 7870 GHz Edition from AMD. The cards are very similiar in specs and general price range. I would like to know what card you would recommend buying and what the general fps is in some of the newer titles that have been released. If you could show a comparing benchmark between the new cards I think a good amount of people would be interested.



7870 is generally identical to 660, 760 is supposidly close to 670, so 760 easily beats 7870

7870's can easily be had for 200 and less, for 250 you'd be getting a 7870xt/le, but i'd still recommend a 760