GTX 760 Question

I'm in a market for a new GPU and I'm kinda on a budget here. I've decided on GTX 760, despite R9270(X) being near performance wise, while being cheaper.

My question is about non-reference designs.

Where I come from I can get :

PALIT GTX 760 Jetstream 2GB for about 280€


ASUS GTX 760 (DirectCUII) for roughly 305€

Palit one is clocked slightly higher out of the box, but uses reference PCB and has slightly more audible, but (at least to me) better looking cooler.

Now..Is 25€ premium worth giving for a non reference PCB and better known brand (since ASUS is well accepted in tech community)?

Has anyone had any problems with PALIT or PNY-Gainward? (They are the same company)

If brand is not an issue I'd really like to save those 25€.

Also there's a 4GB version of before mentioned PALIT card for about the same price as ASUS's offering, should I go with it instead?


Get the ASUS. Non-ref PCB is better.

I asked JJ from Asus about a 4 gb 760 before and he said, that it doesn't make any sense to get on with 4 gb, because it is not fast enough. By the way, that is the reason, they don't sell a 4gb version.

And I would go with the Asus, because it has better power delivery.

Thanks for your responses. Apart from those does anyone have any input about PALIT or PNY/Gainward brand as it's known elsewhere?

I just might go with ASUS Direct CUII, but I'm not really buying into that copper highway power delivery thing.

I got a R9 280 (non x), which is basically a HD7950 with higher boost, for 10% less than GTX760. Great deal.

If the PCB on that 280 is anything like the 7950,you can overclock that card big time. My 7950 still amazes me to this day.