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So in short this is my first post on the forums, and I just wanted to start some discussion. I personally own an EVGA ACX 760 (SC Edition but I've since OCed myself) and I love it. Here are my clocks -

  • Memory Speed - Stock
  • Boost Clock - 1305MHz (I move it up and down from time to time)
  • Power Target set to 115%
  • Max Load Temp is 65ish with stock fan curve

My main issue with the card is the limited voltage control. I wish I could feed it just 10-20 more mV, PrecisionX and every other utility stop me at 12 mV overvoltage (with the power slider all the way up). Has any one come across a fully unlocked BIOS for theirs? I know it's a little sketchy but I'm just curious. I'll throw some pictures of mine up tomorrow!

I unlocked the voltage on my 660ti using KGB

Whats that?

Couple of days ago i've received my "replacement" GPU from my store. As promised they've sent me Gainward GTX 760 as a compensation for my ex Sapphire 7870 GHz Edition.

Although I was a bit sceptical about the performance and power consumption, now it seems like a decent choice

This is the model which they've sent me


and this is it in original package:


I've never heard of gainward before.

I don't think we get them in the US.

I am in the U.K. they aren't here either to my knowledge.

Taiwan video card makers thay have been around for sometime there just not well known.

There not bad cards thay usealy overclock like demons.

I have that same issue with my EVGA 770 superclocked edition.  Would only allow me to push 10 mV.  Digging that acx cooler though.

Let's stop slagging the 760 owners guys. Although it's generally accepted that the 7950 is a better card for a lower price, there are still reasons to go with a 760, so let them be.

Mr. Expert is just completely ignorant of the fact that when I bought my 760 it was $250, while the 7950 was still around $300.

Yeah i have seen gainward a lot in France. They seem like decent cards and look good for the money, but there is nothing over the top about them.