Gtx 760 gtx 660 ti both superclocked

Hey guys I'm planning in building mh first system and I've decided to how it's sli and I'm picking to pick between two graphics that I want to use and those are the 760 and 660 ti both factory overclocke, the 760 has the acx cooling unit from evga and the 660 ti is the asus direct cu 2 3gb(the 760 is only 2gb right now). The 660 ti has more cuda cores but the core clock is a littllenses then the 760 and the 760 has more memory bandwidth. i want my gpu budge to be 500-600 dollars and I don't want to get the 780 because two 760s or 66 ti's in sli do better and ill be playing at just 1080p. Also if anyone knows anything about the 760 to and its specs, price release Exalted ect give me a link and tell me what you know.

I would just get a single 760 for 1080p.

I'm trying to future proof other system, also I want to run my games at the highest settings with all the AA at 45+fp. And I don't think a single card will do, bf4 is coming out and it looks amazing Ian's I want to get high fps with high setthings that's why I'm looking into a sli setup.


Get a single 770 then.

If you want to 'future proof' your system go for a robust single card set-up that you can upgrade to a dual in a year or so.

I'm not tryi g to future proof for like 3 year. And I just mighsell the cards when the 800 series come spit and buy the 860s So I have to decIDE on that, and what your sayinIsis a blood idea but I'm pretty sure the price won't drop on the 780 anytime soon, even in a year I think it will be around the same price poinT so I dust don't feel that's its worth it. What I'm trying to ask is whats better the 760 acx or the galaxy 660 ti 3gb both sli and olfactory overclocke.